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Our Local Vision:

Increase the number of successful African American professionals in the business community.  The CCNBMBAA is a professional Organization that serves as a resource for communicating information and ideas among Black Executives, Entrepreneurs, Educators, and Students in the Chicago area who are interested in improving the effectiveness of Black businesses and Black business professionals.  The goals and objectives of the CCNBMBAA are:

  1. Establish and maintain an effective information and communications network which will serve the membership and the business community.
  2. Provide continuing business education as a means of improving and maintaining the skills and effectiveness of the members and support the efforts of those planning to pursue advanced business degrees.
  3. Provide scholarships for those intending to pursue business related degrees.
  4. Encourage scholarly research in those areas of business which affect the Black community.
  5. Provide a service to the community, whenever requested, managerial and technical assistance to Black Entrepreneurs and businesses.

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Why Partner?

The number one reason we’ve discovered corporations continue to partner with NBMBAA Chicago Chapter is…

As one of the largest chapters in an organization of over 8,000 members nationwide, we are able to connect our partners to a diverse body of leaders at all levels. Chicago Chapter can assist you in areas critical to your business objectives. We offer a myriad of opportunities designed to meet your needs:
  • Direct Access – high level professional talent
  • Diversity – entry-level to C-Suite recruitment
  • Pre-screening – quality candidates to your specifications
  • Private Recruiting – designed to meet your objectives
  • Show Immediate ROI – top candidates ready to hire
  • Build Your Brand – a reach of more than 3,500 local business professionals
  • Market Your Company – to prospective future employees
  • Product Awareness – diverse attractive consumer base

The Chicago Chapter looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to help meet your professional development, branding, recruiting, retention and corporate citizenship goals.

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Leadership Profiles

Meet Our Leadership Team

Stacy Crook

Stacy Crook


The PRESIDENT presides over all meetings of the membership and at all meetings of the Executive Committee, performs all other customary duties of a presiding officer and an ex-official member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

  • The President represents the Chicago Chapter before public and other forums.
  • The President provides an annual report at the first meeting each calendar year on the state of the organization.
  • The President has the authority to create task forces and appoint members to carry out the business of the organization.
LuTonda Baumgardner

LuTonda Baumgardner

Vice President of Programming

The VICE PRESIDENT – PROGRAMMING serves in the absence or inability or refusal of the President to act, and assist the President in the administration of the organization. He/she is specifically charged with ensuring that all standing committees that are under his/her responsibility are properly functioning and that said committees for which he/she is responsible. The Vice President for Programming is responsible for taking on special projects as delegated by the President of the Executive Committee.

David Day

David Day

Vice President of Operations

The VICE PRESIDENT- OPERATIONS is specifically charged with ensuring that all standing committees that are under his/her responsibility are functioning properly and that said committee is adequately staffed to perform their duties. He/she has the authority with the approval of the President to appoint co-chairpersons to the standing committees for which he/she is responsible. The Vice President/Operations is also responsible for taking on special projects as delegated by the President of the Executive Committee.

Kevin Smith


The TREASURER shall be responsible for the funds of the organization and the disbursal only upon authorization of the membership or the Executive Committee. He/she shall be the custodian of all financial records and bank accounts.

Kanesha Hunt

Financial Secretary

The FINANCIAL SECRETARY reports to the Treasurer and is responsible for keeping an accurate, detailed record of all receipts (including membership dues) and any and all disbursements; and making certain that no money is authorized for disbursement unless there is a corresponding statement or voucher for each check drawn.


Recording Secretary

The RECORDING SECRETARY shall keep a permanent, bound record of the proceedings of the meeting of the membership and of the meetings of the Executive Committee, and shall make minutes of previous General Membership and Executive meetings available to membership.

Tony Black

Tony Black

Corresponding Secretary

The CORRESPONDING SECRETARY shall conduct the official correspondence of the organization, keep and preserve an accurate list of the names and addresses of the members and notify the members by mail of the date and place of the meetings. He/she shall be responsible for the receipt and distribution of mail to the appropriate parties. With oversight by the President and Treasurer, he/she shall be responsible for the chapters, timely communication with the members.

Amelia Jackson

Amelia Jackson

Immediate Past-President

The IMMEDIATE PAST-PRESIDENT and any appointed advisor(s) shall act as a resource and shall have no voting authority.

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Committee Profiles

Learn More About Our Committees


The Education Committee is responsible for facilitating the annual Chicago Chapter Scholarship Award process and selection of Undergraduate, Graduate and Doctoral Scholarship winners. The Committee also coordinates various educational programs throughout the year.

The Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) program for high school students offers mentoring from chapter volunteers. The goal is to help in developing a successful path from high school through graduate school. The Annual Summer Intern reception provides an opportunity for local interns and employers to gain insight on current issues affecting minorities and corporations.

E-mail: Education@ccnbmbaa.orgChapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

The Entrepreneurship Committee’s core mission is “enabling entrepreneurship”. This mission will come to life through programs aimed at uncovering powerful resources and developing the skills necessary to make business ownership a reality.

Through expert panel workshops, these programs will reinforce the critical steps that lead to growing a business in today’s hottest market sectors. Whether you are just starting your business or you want to elevate your business to a new level, committee members and program participants will play a vital role in building one of Chicago’s leading communities of business leaders.

E-mail: Entrepreneurship@ccnbmbaa.orgChapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

The Marketing and Communications Committee is charged with keeping Chapter members, corporate partners and the Chicago community informed of events and programs sponsored by the Chicago Chapter. This is accomplished through event mailers, bi-weekly eNews, quarterly eNewsletter, Chapter hotline and the website.

E-mail: Communications@ccnbmbaa.orgChapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

The Membership Committee has three main objectives: (1) grow membership; (2) acquaint new members with various chapter functions and committees and (3) determine member demographics. The committee also organizes and hosts Networking at the Top and The Annual Holiday Gala. Committee members also provide a supporting role for Chapter Meetings and functions.

E-mail: Chapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

The Outreach Committee has a two-fold purpose: (1) provide Chapter members with a wide array of community service opportunities and (2) increase the presence of Black MBA volunteer participation in the non-profit sector. Our agenda ranges from giving our time and energy to donating canned goods. We seek team members who have a passion for helping people and their community and who enjoy a high level of personal satisfaction from making a difference.

E-mail: Chapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

The Partnerships Committee serves as the development team for the Chicago Chapter. The committee is responsible for identifying, developing, and cultivating relationships with top corporations in Chicago. The objective of the partnerships committee is to transform these corporate relationships into corporate partners that directly fund or contribute in-kind to the Chicago Chapter’s activities in exchange for access to our members through our five channels: education, career, leadership, entrepreneurship, and lifestyles. Our corporate partners are instrumental to our organization on both a local and national level. Corporate partners host and underwrite events (e.g., Chapter Programming, and Annual Conference) as well as provide scholarships to minority students throughout the year while increasing their business’ returns through access to diverse leadership talent.

E-mail: Partnerships@ccnbmbaa.orgChapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

The Professional Development Committee delivers a comprehensive range of relevant programs to meet the needs of our members. This goal is achieved by:

  • Face-to-face exchange with industry experts
  • Exploring most recent business trends and topics
  • Expand our membership’s ability to be more effective and successful leaders

E-mail: ProfessionalDevelopment@ccnbmbaa.orgChapter Hotline: 312-458-9161

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